Health Resources

SAMA for the past thirty year has been at the front of all small business issues in Connecticut. We are locally recognized as the authority in providing a wide array of services to small business owners through technical assistance, training, loan programs, research and advocacy.  While SAMA is best known for its efforts to provide business and financial information to small business owners it also is an advocate in the prevention of serious health issues in this target population especially Hispanic/Latinos.  Ultimately our work improves the quality of life for each merchant at every stage of their life. 

SAMA is committed to continue developing a comprehensive health program that is specifically targeted to its merchants, their family and employees, most of which are Hispanic/Latino minorities.  We offer hands-on training in many different fields of public health, including prevention effectiveness, health communications and public health, among others. We know that the need for these services in our community is critical.  To improve the quality of health in the Hispanc/Latino community is one of the greatest challenges facing health providers in the coming years. 

This is why our research has shown that early prevention and intervention through education and outreach is paramount to getting us there.  SAMA’s leadership role in the small business community, especially Hispanic/Latino provides the vehicle to effectively reach this target population. 

SAMA utilizing our small business training concepts to research, develop and implement a health training program geared to small business owners that will help improve their quality of life. These training classes will be bi-lingual and completely free of charge to the participants.