Technical Assistance
One-on-One follow-ups with site visits where participants are provided free counseling and assistance in areas such as licensing and permits.

Loan Program
The Spanish American Merchants Association (SAMA) offers several loan programs designed to generate economic growth and stability in the cities of Hartford, New Haven, Meriden and New Britain.

All SAMA loan programs are designed to promote small business economic development, encourage growth and stimulate small and mid-size industries and businesses resulting in the creation and retention of jobs.

Some elegible uses are: start-up costs of new businesses, purchase or expansion of existing business, acquisition of inventory, equipment and working capital. We encourage entrepreneurs and business owners to utilize these resources.

Empresario Development Center
The Center is an effort to provide the necessary training and skills to those individuals interested in learning or enhancing their skills to improve their posibilities of finding a job and/or obtaining the knowledge necessary to more effectively operate their own business.

The goal of the Empresario Development Center is to expand and multiply learning opportunities for those in our community who need basic, high-quality computer literacy, entrepreneurship education, health & safety information, financial, manangement, marketing, and other training skills. 

These trainings specifically target the underserved citizens, so they have an improved, productive quality of life as they adjust to living in an electronic, networked, computer-based  and changing society.

All classes are primarily held at the Hartford, New Haven and Willimantic labs.

The Empresario Development Center is supported by Federal, State, corporate and private foundations as well as private funds.

  • Basic Computer and Basic Microsoft Word   
  • Basic Microsoft PowerPoint and Outlook/Internet   
  • Entrepreneur
  • Strategic Planning/Business Plan    
  • Management     
  • Basic Accounting/QuickBooks Program    
  • Point of Sale       
  • Marketing Strategy Techniques    
  • Sales Techniques      
  • Federal, State and City Taxes    
  • Presentation Skills/Public Speaking   
  • Human Resources         
  • Time Management      
  • Customer Service      
  • ESL for Small Business    

II. Certifications  & Professional License

  • CT Producer & Casualty Insurance Producer License Training 
  • ServSafe Food Management Certification   
  • Training for Intervention Procedure-On Premise  
  • Training for Intervention Procedure-Gaming   
  • Training for Intervention Procedure-Concession  
  • Occupational and Health Standards for General Industry 
  • Occupational and Health Standards for Construction Industry 
  • HAZARDOUS Waste Operations and Emergency Response 

Seminars or Workshops

  • Insurance Seminars     
  • EBT      
  • WIC      
  • Others

Latino for Better Health
The foundation of our program is to be able to disseminate information and prevention that is relevant, current and important to the our members and small business community.  SAMA will provide the necessary bi-lingual information to business owners on the why, where, and how, to find the proper resources in their community for their health issues, including health care, insurance and providers. 

The basic principle is to reach-out and develop partnerships with local institutions that can provide basic information about programs and services beneficial to our target population and how those resources can be made available.  Through this program the participants will have the opportunity to increase their knowledge skills, and continue to circulate the information learned to other individuals throughout the “Educating Latinos to Better Health Program (ELBH).”