Corporate Sponsorship

SAMA works in collaboration with other merchant groups, financial institutions, corporations, neighborhood groups, city and state agencies to serve our communities.  At SAMA, we strive to develop a secure, long-term commitment from our Corporate Partners. The mission of the Corporate Partnership Program is to develop and continuously promote the growth of the business community for the common benefit of our constituency, our Corporate Partners, and the overall state economy.

Our goals under the Corporate Partnership Program are:

  • To increase business and economic opportunities for the Hispanic and associated business communities;
  • To aggressively enhance the team alliance between SAMA and our Corporate Partners;
  • To develop targeted access and linkage to the Hispanic market and associated consumer markets;
  • To utilize our joint business and legislative contacts for the mutual benefit of the partnership;
  • To provide significant, measurable business networking opportunities in the domestic and international arenas; and
  • To provide sustainable and continuous support of our common goals for economic development for the small business community.

Corporate Partner Member Benefits:

  • Opportunity to reach the Hispanic business community through planned e-newsletters focusing on advocacy, relevant business news and local member training.
  • Opportunity to work with SAMA to develop individualized initiatives and programs to assist the Corporation’s business objectives.
  • Opportunity for the Corporate Partner to advertise and/or contribute feature articles in the SAMA’s newsletter Networking.
  • Corporation’s logo placement on the SAMA website.
  • Hyper-link to corporation’s website from the SAMA webpage.
  • Assistance with opportunities with Hispanic vendors.
  • Access to the SAMA membership database.
  • First selection of sponsorship opportunities for SAMA Events and Programs