Technical Assistance

SAMA has four Small Business Specialists (SBS) serving different areas and providing Technical Assistance  throughout the cities of Hartford, New Britain, Meriden, New Haven, and Willimantic. 

The Small Business Specialist delivers the following services:

  • Coordinating and planning marketing events
  • Scheduling meetings for merchants
  • Attending commnunity meetings
  • Helping develop Business Plans
  • Collaborating with other merchants groups
  • Working on the development of new entrepreneurs
  • Assisting in the relocaton of new businessess to target areas
  • Promoting and tracking job creation
  • Preparing loan presentations to the SAMA's Loan Committees, as well as other financial institutions
  • Attending community meetings
  • Assisting with licenses and permits
  • Computer training assistance
  • Grand Openings

SAMA's specialists have become highly specialized and community-focused, serving the complex needs of English and non-English speaking business owners, especially Latino, which represent a high percentage of small business owners in the inner cities.