Training Programs: Empresario Development Center

Since 1999, the Empresario Development Center (EDC) is dedicated to fulfilling the education component of SAMA’s by focusing on six key strategies:

  • Management
  • Financial Literacy
  • Human Resources
  • Technology
  • Health
  • Safety Issues

EDC is the small business premiere provider of educational resources, materials, and training in English and/or Spanish for small business owners throughout the State of Connecticut. The center was specifically designed for small business owners, family members, employees, entrepreneurs and start-ups.  The trainings are held several times during the year and in addition to the six initial key business strategies, cover an array of other topics.  

Empresario Development Center helps small business owners start and/or grow their businesses successfully. Through the EDC, SAMA provides entrepreneur assistance through our training, "Steps by Steps to Business Success," where potential or current business owners have the opportunity to learn from the experts and from other small business owners in their own language (English and/or Spanish). In this training, participants will receive ultimate resources of valuable information that provides them with comprehensive business organization and development strategies through the year. 

The Empresario Development Center is supporting this series through funding from Federal Grants, State of Connecticut, City of Hartford, Hartford Foundation for Public Giving, Northeast Utilities Foundations, City of New Haven, Capital WorkForce Partners, CDBG Fund, State Farm Insurance, and Enterprise Foundation among others.

EDC provides intensive training and technical assistance to people with a promising business idea and a desire to start their own business. The program is divided in three different sections that include Training, Certifications  and Technical Assistance.

I. Training

 II. Certifications  & Profesional License

 III. Technical Assistance: 

One-on-One follow-up with site visits where participants are provided free counseling and assistance in areas such as licensing and permits. Click here for more.

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